Ge f60 50

Complete setup consisting of:

  • BOS-G battery modules, 12pcs, 60kWh
  • 3-phase inverter SUN-50K-SG01HP3
  • ventilation + cooling/heating
  • perfluorohexane cooling and extinguishing device
  • IP55 enclosure

Expandable up to 50kW/360kWh and 300kW/2.2MWh (6x 50kW inverters with 6 battery containers each)


All-in-one high volage inverter energy storage solution suitable for outdoor use.
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Product specification (ENG)
Installation manual (ENG)

Product specification (ENG)
Installation and user manual (ENG)

BOS-G battery:
Product specifcation (ENG)

Storage capacity: 60kWh

Size: 735x850x2200mm (w/o inverter)

Weight: ca. 880kg

Capacity of a single battery pack:  5.12kWh

Recommended depth of discharge: 90%

Certificates: CE, IEC, UL, CEI

Battery type: LifePo - Lithium Iron Phosphate

Warranty: 10 years, EOL70%≥6000 cycles